another throwback.

A warning to intruders. Gypsy Camp. from ‘Kernow’ series

image ©BenjaminRutherford
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its a Throwback Friday

Predannack Military fire training area. from ‘Kernow’ series

Image ©BenjaminRutherford

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Valley on the Road to Valais, Swizterland, 2014

image by ©Benjamin Rutherford

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In the town of Zermatt, Switzerland, 2014.

Image by ©Benjamin Rutherford

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One word… Awesome!

This surfing video shot with a drone and a GoPro at Banzai Pipeline will blow you away

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some pretty incredible footage, well worth a watch

South Coast Dawn session. Cornwall. 2014 

Image by ©Benjamin Rutherford

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Rob. Dawn surf at Godrevy. 2013

©Benjamin Rutherford

Dawn surf check. Cornwall. 2013

©Benjamin Rutherford

from a shoot with Glass Tiger Surfboards, Check these beauties out HERE

Image ©Benjamin Rutherford

A shot from my ongoing body of work on Zimbabweans in the UK. Hopefully I will be undertaking more shoots soon. 

Patson Muzuwa plans his day in Leicester. 2013. 

Patson Muzuwa’s phone is constantly ringing, for him helping other Zimbabweans seek refuge is his life. Patson also helps run a fortnightly drop-in centre for Zimabwean Asylum seekers, to which other people of many nationalities are welcomed to attend. Those of whom are often Congolese, Zambian, Malawian and even North Korean. Patson was himself once an Asylum Seeker, escaping direct violence, torture and death threats in Zimbabwe due to his political ties with the MDC. Yet after being detained for 3 months on his arrival, and years of battling with the UKBA he was granted Indefinite leave to remain, which meant that he can now live and work in the UK as a refugee.